Circulation Condition of Hybrid Cars in the Used Vehicle Market

The policy of accelerating electrification vehicles encourages as many manufacturers to participate in bringing hybrid cars in Indonesia. The vehicle model that promotes the integration of electric motor technology with conventional engines, has also been marketed uncovered by the manufacturer with various models.

In addition to the new situation, hybrid cars were also available in used situations, aka used. WTC Mangga Dua Secondhand Car Stock Manager, Herjanto Kosasih, wrote that he was pursuing the circulation of hybrid cars that were released by consumers to resale used cars at the venue.

Hybrid car units which are marketed through the used car market, according to information from Herjanto, are still relatively minimal. “For example, in a month or two months there is no certainty that a hybrid car will enter the hands of merchants who sell at this place,” he said.

For example, there is a hybrid car that goes into the resale of a resale car dealer at WTC Mangga Dua, Herjanto said that traders are having problems in selling it. It takes two to three months for the vehicle to sell. “Usually the situation checks for longer because now there are extra batteries,” Herjanto said.

Extra time is needed when during the inspection the seller feels the vehicle needs a replacement of parts or repairs, before being released to the resale car market. “It is faster when the spare parts are ready, on the contrary if they are still waiting for shipments of repair parts, it can take longer,” Herjanto said.

One of the situations that is of concern to merchants who are used to having hybrid cars, is the condition of the car battery. Herjanto wrote that traders want to avoid the situation of hybrid cars with a battery situation that is nearing expiration, because the cost of replacement is still high.

The limited number of hybrid cars in the used car market has also been provoked by the reluctance of consumers to resell them after they are purchased. Comfort and performance of these vehicles, fuel efficiency is increased, making hybrid cars last long in the hands of consumers.

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