Find Your Future Career at Sasol Vacantes

It is not easy to find work now. But in Sasol vacancies, you can find the most suitable jobs for your future career. Here are some jobs in Sasol for you.

1. Gr 1 process controller Ops process

The first job you can apply for is a process controller in the GC Gas Processing Department. As a process controller, you will be responsible for operating the system and the process equipment. You must also ensure that the plant’s operations are safe and efficient. The requirements necessary to fill this position include the evaluation of the physical condition and the driver’s license. To qualify as a process controller, you must have a level 2 NQF and complete grade 12 with science, math and English. It also requires 1 year of experience as a process controller in the Petro Chemical environment.

The main competencies required include the ability to implement standard operating procedures, guarantee product quality, understand equipment failure modes, know how the equipment works, etc. Meanwhile, the general skills necessary for this job include maintaining the required cleaning standards, preparing to change shifts in the short term, complying with all necessary legal requirements, practicing good cleaning at all times and being ready to be called at times weekends.

2. Craftsman – Expert Analysis

Your responsibility as a craftsman is to support production by effectively maintaining the equipment. As a craftsman, you must also provide reliability while adhering to the code. Maintaining sustainability and increasing plant stability through the use of all available equipment and resources will also be included in your work as an analysis expert. The functional result that you must provide includes understanding how to apply and operate within engineering standards, carry out routine interruptions and calibrations and maintain them, be able to identify problems and solve problems, work overtime and perform tasks on hold. The qualifications you need to get the job include NQF 4 instrumentation qualifications, have a valid SIM 08 code, class 12 or N3 with science and math, SAP system applications, have experience as a mechanical analyst for at least 2 years and be familiar with A variety of analytical applications.

3. Maintenance Assistant Gr 2

One of Sasol’s vacancies on the list is maintenance assistance whose job is to provide effective equipment maintenance. The qualifications needed to become a maintenance assistant include class / matrix 12 or N3, a driver’s license with a valid code 8, basic knowledge about the operation of the residence system, can speak English, safe handling of gas cylinders and containers of shows Tomcaster. Meanwhile, the main competencies required for this work include replacing carrier gas cylinders, conducting sample tubes and analysis systems, extracting samples with a timestamp, cleaning probes for maintenance, managing stock levels of the cylinder store , receive all gas shipments, receive all gas shipments, using the most appropriate container for different samples, etc. Another requirement that must be accepted as maintenance assistance is that you must attend seminars and training courses to develop your skills and competencies. It should also be able to identify development and training needs and support the objectives, vision and mission of the business.