The Best Ways to Enjoy Bromo Ijen Tour Package

The Best Ways to Enjoy Bromo Ijen Tour Package . Ijen Crater is located on top of Mount Ijen with the altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level. This crater looks like a lake. It has the depth of 200 meters and the area of 5,466 hectares. Unlike most craters, this one has a sublime blue color. Although not less beautiful, Ijen Crater still loses to Mount Bromo in terms of popularity. But, if we search for Ijen Crater in travel blogs, it is almost always included as one of the best destinations in East Java. This article will offer you the best Bromo Ijen tour package.

The Best Ways to Enjoy Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Best Bromo Ijen Tour

It is not surprising that Ijen Crater is rated as the most beautiful destination in East Java. The lake in this crater is known to have the highest acidity among all lakes in the world. Other than the beautiful lake, the interesting natural phenomenon in Ijen Crater is the blue fire phenomenon. This amazing phenomenon only occurs in two places, namely Ijen Crater and Iceland. It is a must-visit destination in the Bromo Ijen tour package. To Indonesians, this adds pride of having a country with magnificent nature.

In addition to the natural phenomenon, you can also witness the strength of local sulfur miners around Ijen Crater. Imagine carrying 70-100 kilograms of sulfur on your back. That is what these miners do every day. Besides carrying sulfur for industry, they also offer cute souvenirs made from sulfur. These souvenirs are made from sulfur that’s molded into various shapes. To reach Ijen Crater, you will have to walk. But don’t worry about being lonely because the track to this crater is always full of enthusiasts. You will reach the crater in about two hours. Accommodation in Bromo Ijen tour package is not a problem because there are many places offering accommodation with various prices.